zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

power to the HEELS

it's unbelievable, the right-hand of ANNA WINTOUR
mister LEON TALLEY declared war to the heels,
and he was inspired by MICHELLE OBAMA, who wears
a lot of flats.
he said so in last edition of the American vogue.

he also said that the big designers like JIMMY CHOO and CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN should think less high heels and more about flats. don't get me wrong, i am 5ft10 so i don't wear heels a lot and i love flats, but this can't be happening, heels are a part of fashion. it's like BEN without JERRY, DOLCE without GABBANA and SEX without THE CITY.

if we all wear flats, then when will we see the RED soul of a louboutin again?

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