zondag 20 februari 2011

tribute Alexander McQueen.

a year ago we had to say goodbye to one of the greatest designer of our time....for a little tribute, i wanna take you back to London....to be specific: the ALEXANDER McQUEEN store on Bond-street.from his f/w 2006 "WIDOWS OF CULLODEN" collection, Mister McQueen has put a mark on my (fashion) life....I embraced the macabre with fun and i learned that you don't need to be a goth to love the darkness !!! his last collection is the most wonderful of all designers from 2010 (and not just because he is no longer with us, but really is AMAZING), SO when i walked into the store my jaw dropped....from left to right, up and down, everywhere i looked, i saw the amazing clothes from this collection....it made me tear-up.
also this one of the most spectacular stores i have seen....the staircase was so amazing, the colour of the whole store was so Serene and there where video screens playing his winter presentation....i stood still for a moment.i wanted something special from this great designer as an tribute to him....i decided that i needed a classic scarf a very long time ago, i also decided that i want to buy this at the Alexander McQueen store on Bond-street, no were else....i was happy and sad at the same time !!!
the fashion-world will miss him for a very long time and thank god that Sarah Burton has become the new creative-director for this fashion brand so that it will continue to exist....i want to end this with an old saying (my way): THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE McQUEEN !!!

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