zondag 4 april 2010


ZERO & PLUS...and the curse of MARK'S FAST food.
once upon a time in London, during the fall/winter 2010 fashion week, there was a designer who had a curious plan...I WANNA CHANCE THE FASHION WORLD, he said to himself...I WANNA GET RID OF THOSE SIZE MODELS, he shouted in his office.

so on D-day he send plus and zero size models on the runway in very tight dresses...and when these models came around the corner, the people in the audience let out a gasp...WHAT IS THIS ??? WHERE ARE THE "NORMAL" MODELS ???
at the end of the show, when the designer came out to receive his applause...he said with a smile...NO MORE SIZE MODELS, and the crowd loved it.
and after this...the fashion world would never be the same !!!

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