dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

HERMES a/w 2010

a little while ago i told you that i was preparing a photo-shoot, well....it has been done, ME....MYSELF....and the photographer went to Amstenrade estate (a lovely little castle with it's own lovely little forrest) to have a jolly good time, my inspiration came from the fall/winter 2010 collection of HERMES (remember when i said...."this is THE look i wanna and gonna wear this fall"), SO i did (and do).

FALL WITH AVENGENCE !!! styling: Nadine Schoffelen & photographer: Wieteke RobeerstBLOGGER TURNED MODEL TURNED EMMA PEEL....i was in some awkward position, it rained all day, i had a party the night before, i had to change wardrobe out in the open AND i was in some really awkward positions....BUT it was real fun to do....i am planning a new shoot already.

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