maandag 15 augustus 2011


yes holiday news: an collaboration between a pop-icon and a classy department-store for a crazy Christmas, the entire 5Th floor of BARNEYS NEW YORK will be cleared and later filled with GAGALISIOUS stuff....yes that's entire floor dedicated to LADY GAGA and this will be called: this workshop is lady gaga's personal take on santa's workshop, you can find all sorts of holiday gifts with an twist such as candies, toys, apparel, accessories, candles and cosmetics but the most fun for me are the limited edition items like jewelery made from rock-Candie, lovely lipsticks, lip shaped hand-painted dark chocolate and a RUBICKS cool is that. if you think that lady gaga is seeing dollars right way jose, she's no misses scrooge, 25% of the entire sales will go to a charity of her choice, GAGA'S WORKSHOP will be open from mid November (one week later i will be in New York, so i have to drop by Barneys for sure)....HO HO HO, i'm in love with Christmas !!!

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