zondag 17 juni 2012

MAN spring 2013

A few up and coming designers were put together in a show called MAN This showcase of emerging men’s wear talent, and here are the results (hold-on tight, i think it will be a bumpy ride).

Let's start the MAN show with Astrid Andersen, really cool collection that was clearly influenced by Basketball and boxing, the only thing i was wandering: LACE LEGGINGS FOR MEN ??? really, are we doing this ???  i think only time will tell, one other thing i noticed are the toe-rings, i kinda like them on a man, don't you ???
The dreadful part was made by: Agi & Sam, OMFG WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ??? NO i don't get this at all and don't get me started about those ridiculous mustaches, awful sandals AND what's whit those dark circles under the eyes....exhaustion is the new black ??? NO NO NO me don't like this !!!
The coolest part was made by: Shaun Samson, some really fun stuff to wear and that Apricot colour is just amazing with black, grey and silver....i think i'm gonna use this combination my self.

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