vrijdag 14 september 2012


My favorite fashion season is not the flirty spring or even the smoky hot summer....NO my fashion heart lies in the MAGICAL FALL, leaves turn red and start to dance in the blowing wind, a nice hot coco at a lovely bistro and of course my new and improved wardrobe. I would love to put on a fanatstic cloak, dark shaded tights and my new amazing boots again.

I found me some lovely basics to add to my already packed fall wardrobe BUT because i wear clothes every single day....I NEED A LOT OF THEM....the NUMPH "everyday" fall 2012 collection has some amazing pieces that compliment my "everyday" look, what about this cool cape, knitted sweater, off-white fun-fur jacket and these lovely knitted headbands, It's all about details, details, details....RIGHT??? 
BECAUSE I'M NOT A "HOLLY HOBBY" KIND OF GIRL, i will pair these NUMPH fall 2012 items with some leather pants or pencil-skirts, silky shirts, chunky jewelry and the right statement bag....JUST ME, JUST MAGIC....check-out the NUMPH website to find your own fall fashion wonderland!!!

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