dinsdag 9 oktober 2012


Llovely news: MULBERRY has created an online guide for us fashionistas....NO, it's not about bags or other amazing leather goods but about good old Britain....YES, that's right a guide that can lead us through the number one fashion capitol of the world. in diffirent catogories MULBERRY tells us the best hotspots of the United Kingdom with Architecture, food, fashion, music and science, each section contains information with links to share, quotes, contributions and recommendations.  and the fun part is that there's even a "Your Brilliant Britain" section where you can add your own suggestions.

Brand Director Georgia Fendley said: “Our national identity is woven into our brand, so the project seemed to be a natural extension of our heritage and passion for the best of Britain. We wanted to do more than simply feature in an advertising campaign and we decided to create a vehicle that would champion the unsung heroes of the UK.”
The project launches on Thursday (11th October) with an installation in Harrods, and you also pick up an edited printed version of the guide in Mulberry stores....WALK, WALK FASHION BABY....MULBERRY IS GONNA GUIDE US CRAZY (in a very good way that is :) !!!

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