dinsdag 11 december 2012


THE BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR (well OK, of the month), no one other than HERVE LEROUX will be showing his work at the upcoming Couture Fashion Week in Paris....WHO ??? 

Herve Leroux is the creator of the fashion brand Herve Leger morley known by it's bondage dress (celebrities from the U.S.A can not live without), assisted Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi and later on at Chanel and was freelance designer at Swarovski and Lanvin. 

(pictures of the Herve L Leroux couture 2012 collection)

In 1999 it goes down hill....he loses the brand Herve Leger and is not aloud to use the name ever since....BUT 2012 is the return of the king, he created a capsule collection for Wolford, ready-to-wear collections are available at colette, his new draped made to measure dresses are an instant hit AND he opened-up the first Herve L Leroux store on the Rue Jacob in Paris....A MUST VISIT !!!

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