zaterdag 16 maart 2013


Ones upon a time in a little town called Heerlen, there lived a girl with a huge craving for fashion and she fed herself with all the fashion she could find, Magazines, books, expositions, online-shops and fashion weeks.

After 5 years of blogging and wandering the streets of Paris in search of the good stuff, this fashionista heard a whisper of a complete other story....H&M will launch a new fashion brand with a catchy name & OTHER STORIES, this was news she was waiting for SO, she run as fast as her heels could carry to her favorite concept store COLETTE to find this new brands cosmetics lying there for her to buy....she felt like a kid in a candy store.

A few days later the first actual Other Stories store opened in London, followed by the online shop and one week after that a boutique in Copenhagen, The same day this fashionista received her first parcel from their online shop and one step closer to her wardrobe perfection !!!
All the goods in a lovely dust-bag.
Cotton white biker jacket, black satin belt, black low cut tank-top and the necklace i fell in love with.
Even the delivery note made me giggle, a nice envelope WITH a sample of one of their beauty products and the kind words....THANK YOU, i say....NO NO NO, THANK YOU !!!

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