maandag 24 juni 2013


We all been there....after a lovely dinner in a even more lovely restaurant, wearing a cute dress with an even more cute bag but after 3 bites your full and want to take the remains of that fantastic dinner home so you can enjoy it again later....what happens then, YOU GET AN PLAIN DOGGY-BAG !!!

There's amazing news: MARIE TURNOR ACCESSORIES designed some cool looking "Doggy-bags" in smooth leather, soft suede or with funky spikes and laser-cuts. There are several styles to choose from DINNER, LUNCH, PICNICK, SNAK or if you are ready to put on the pounds go for the FEAST one !!!
These Doggy-bags run from $185-$280 and available on Marie Turnor web-shop and in selected stores worldwide....So, excuse me for being short at the end but i need to order my dinner (bag) !!!

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