zaterdag 8 februari 2014

JASON WU A/W 14/15

I have one question after seeing this runway show: WHO'S THAT WU ???

Ones his designs were strong,feminine,curved and beautiful tailored. Now it seems that his new job as creative director at HUGO BOSS was on his mind. Was this the collection for the German Brand than i say....Quite nice, still not loving it though but this is not how we see his own label. Look at the face of Jourdan Dunn and tell me if she's happy with it.

To name the things i don't love about this collection i would say: The tailoring, it's not impeccable if you look at the suit Adriana Lima is wearing, the trousers are way too long and the blazer doesn't fit the model right at the bust/shoulders/waist. Then we have the velvet dresses which kinda feel like they were done in patchwork and that's never pretty.

There are some things which made it fun to watch, musthave furry bags and the return of America's sweetheart KARLIE KLOSS. Dear Jason don't let HUGO be the BOSS of Wu

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