donderdag 23 juli 2009

fashion-show Badgley Mischka

Amsterdam fashion week has began.
yesterday the American designers duo Badgley mischka kicked of this event and showed there spring-summer 2010 collection.
it was all beautiful and full of glamour.

after the show i had a little interview with the designers. now here`s what they answered at my questions.

  • why are you showing in Amsterdam?
because we believe that this fashion week is up and coming, we also showed in Paris and London and we want to be a settled brand in europe.

  • describe your ideal Badgley Mischka women.

she loves to shop and glamour, she also isn't afraid to ad some sparkles to her life. she is a woman who knows what suits her and puts on what SHE wants.

  • what do you think about the collaborations between designers and retailers? and is it something you would like to do?
we think its a natural thing in the fashion world, because a woman nowadays shops and wears what she likes, our customer also shops at h&m because she wants to. MAYBE in the future but not now.
  • is there a chance that there will be a new Badgley Mischka BARBIE?
we already created 3 barbie' s for mattel, and we love to work with mattel, so yes we believe that there's 1 more barbie coming.
thanks a lot guys, the show was amazing.

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