zaterdag 27 maart 2010


OMG, i can not find anything anymore, all my clothes are everywhere except in my i need to clean up....RIGHT NOW.

OKE first things first....clean out my closet, then....the first items that i put in there are my designer things (of course), NEW purchases, then my dearest dresses, my favorite jackets and finally my trousers (with leggings in between).

of course is that not all....but i don't have the space here on my blog to show it apposite of the closet i have a clothing-rack with EVERY DAY USE items (stuff i wanna protect, are in my closet).
well, i must say it looks very nice now....and i found things that i love to wear again (but couldn't because it was missing).
and when i stare at my stuff in my closet....ONE spring/summer 2010 designer collection pop-up in my head....BALMAIN....i mean there are: leather pants, military green shirts and all kind of (michael jackson) jackets.
seeing it all so clear, makes me wanna wear it....RIGHT NOW !!!

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