donderdag 4 maart 2010


OK, there i the fashion show of GARETH PUGH during PARIS FASHION WEEK.
BUT it all starts with the invitation....

....and the show was AMAZING, the colors, materials, textures, boots and the chains (which i really adore) even the music and lights where FANTASTIC !!!

here are some pic's of the show....

my fashion heart jumped a little, when i saw PATRICIA van der VLIET (middle pic) walking down the runway, i'm following her since day 1 (mark my words....she is going to be on top !!!), she closed the show with a long black gown with chains from top till bottom.

and there were a couple of A-list fashion peeps and R&B stars....

1) Carine Roitfeld, 2) Cassie, 3) P diddy
saw Suzy Menkes as well....really a lovely women in real person.
i must say.....i was already a GARETH PUGH fan, but after seeing this show, it's bin duplicated. can't wait to wear it !!!

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