zondag 2 mei 2010

get the Mabel look

last Thursday at our famous QUEENSDAY celebration, the royal family had their own party.
all fun and laughter....but WHAT did they wear....it was all so BORRING....except for princess Mabel (the muse of the designers duo Viktor & Rolf), she was wearing a fabulous jumpsuit and the highest heels from CAMILLA SKOVGAARD. IT INSPIRED ME

jumpsuit 1) HELMUT LANG, jumpsuit 2) HALSTON, jumpsuit 3) STELLA MCCRARTNEY, shoes: all CAMILLA SKOVGAARD.

thank you your highness, for bringing high fashion to our royal family.....MAYBE SHE'S BORN WITH IT, MAYBE IT'S JUST MABEL.

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Flora zei

Prachtige jumpsuits en die schoenen!!! Wil je toch eerst weten of de jumpsuit wel echt iets voor jou is, find it out: