donderdag 6 mei 2010

pimp my....LBD.

so there i was....sitting on my bed, starring into my closet and realizing after 10 minutes, that i need OTHER thing in my wardrobe....don't get me wrong, i have a very interesting collection and i truly treasure them, but everything has been bought, so i wanted to spice it up with items that no one else can have....i CAN'T afford haute couture, so if i want something special i have to customize.

so, i put on some music, grabbed my needle and tread, chocolates nearby, and GET THIS PARTY STARTED:
the LBD is my SONIA RYKIEL pour H&M dress (i love it, but did not wear it because many people bought it to), and the shoulder piece are 2 big sparkly headbands by URBAN OUTFITTERS (which i bought in Antwerp, the day of the RIHANNA concert), and the result is amazing....i really adore my new and improved LBD.

now that i have got the taste of it....what's next ???

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