donderdag 5 augustus 2010


....but it would be nothing, without a women's fragrance ( a men's scent that WE love to wear as-well that is).

at this moment i am totally in love with men's perfume, and i can not give you a good reason why, they just smell F**CKING AMAZING !!! i am in a real manage a trois right now.

MY FIRST LOVE: grey vetiver by TOM FORD....this is a good man, and my first love.SECOND LOVE: bleu de Chanel....very chique and LOVE AT FIRST SMELL.THIRD LOVER: bang by MARC JACOBS....this one is just for the MASCULINE pleasure (if you know what i mean).i am done with women (perfume) at this moment, and i am planning to stick with thees men for a wail....until an other amazing fragrance comes along.

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