maandag 23 augustus 2010

V I P at the P.C.

they had their own V I P deck (champagne included of course), but who's who?

first up: FABIENNE DE VRIES, what's up with that green and butterfly necklace....girl watch out for the Mariah Carey syndrome 2) GIGI RAVELLI: looking hip and fresh as always. 3) FIONA HERING: the fashion godmother in a Mona Lisa state of mind 4) HILMAR MULDER: very crisp in a colorful blouse.

and then at last my favorite girl....MARLY VAN DER VELDEN, she rocked a HERMES t-shirt with a blazer from THE GARDEN COLLECTION at H&M....i just love her style.
BUT....who was the BIGGEST star at this event....the girl is unknown to me BUT THE BAG....just how i like her!!!

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