dinsdag 25 januari 2011


the IT-GIRL from the Netherlands....Josh Veldhuizen (on the cover)....has launched a real fashion line, JOSH V it is called. the launch was at the MODEFABRIEK. when i met Josh there she told me everything about this collection (lovely to see that she's really passionated about it) at the end of our conversation she gave me her LOOK-BOOK, and now i give it to you....ENJOY !!!
isn't it fun to wear ??? i know i would love to own the WHOLE collection. but there is a extra to this collection....JOSH V will be followed throughout it's creation by a reality-show. the collection will be hitting the stores in march. to end with the words of Josh herself: TOUGH, SEXY and SOPHISTICATED, that's what it is....i think you're very right about that Josh!!!

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