zaterdag 2 april 2011


we all know this walk-in closet like it's our own and we think of Carrie's closet like a treasure-chest....SO i went on a quest in my own walk-in to find my own treasures....i found many clothing with amazing memories (treasures for the mind) but when i opened my accessories cupboard, i really found my golden pieces: on the top shelf i have my beloved sunglasses from LANVIN, CELINE and LOEWE, till my shades that i wore at the LADY GAGA concert.

on the second shelf....the adored purple VIKTOR & ROLF bag, LANVIN fan, nude D&G belt and the "NO" belt (also from my favorite designer duo V&R)....then comes my scarf collection from top: GUCCI, ALEXANDER McQUEEN, 3 times SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, GIVENCHY and finally 2 times HERMES. and then there are my baby's, my cupcakes, my sugar buttons, my....uhm sorry got carried away (hi hi got it, carried away), OK back to reality: V&R, D&G, LOUIS VUITTON, and MICHEAL KORS, that black and white clutch in the middle is my dearest one....i went to the VIKTOR & ROLF exposition in Utrecht, i saw this bag with a pair of heels displayed as an preview to their s/s 2009 collection (a treasured dream) year later this dream came true (thank goodness) end this quest with some lovely words by miss Bradshaw:
you are sooo right, miss B !!!

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