donderdag 31 maart 2011

(fashion)world domination !!!

and do you know who's planning this at this moment....LVMH....of course.i personally don't like this, it kinda freaks me out, WHY does LVMH want to buy all of the designer brands they can think of ???

let me show you some of the brands that live under the wings of LVMH (you will be amazed): Louis vuitton, guerlain, CELINE, donna karan, kenzo, de beers, EMILIO PUCCI, marc jacobs, loewe, fendi, GIVENCHY, tag heuer, krug, DIOR and many many more....but this not enough....NO it's just the beginning because LVMH is longing for BURBERRY, thinking about RODARTE, eyeing for JIMMY CHOO and buying HERMES....bit by bit and piece by piece.

and because we adore some (or all) of the above designer brands, WE are putting money into the LVMH bank, SO that they have enough money to buy some more brands....oh well we are all just loving the fashion !!!

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