dinsdag 8 maart 2011


sorry for my absence....but when i came home from Paris, the CARNIVAL celebrations in the south of Holland had started....SO, IT WAS PARTY TIME FOR ME!!!

let me take you back to Paris fashion week....to the AMAYA ARZUAGA fall/winter fashion show to be exact.

it was a beautiful sunny day in FASHIONISTA-TOWN, place to be....grand palais galerie sud-est.

arriving at the show i was promoted to the 2ND row (invitation 3Th row)....woohoo :)

the show it self: very beautiful collection, i was amazed by the colour use....just adore the blue and orange, amazing structures, sheer gowns, skin tight trousers and dresses with some lovely volume's.

if possible, i would like to place an order at AMAYA ARZUAGA for the WHOLE collection....that way i am ready for the next winter in one purchase....muchios grasias Amaya.

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