maandag 14 maart 2011

HAPPY with a TRASHY gift

i received a lovely gift special reason....just to say happy Monday !!!

when i pulled-off the ribbon i saw the golden logo on the brown box and this logo belongs to THE high-street retailer of the Netherlands....SUPERTRASH (born in Los Angeles, raised in Holland).i was anxious to see what's waiting inside for me, So LET'S GO: first thing i see is a deep purple nail-polish from W.I.C by herome, then my eyes saw a little bracelet from HYKI, further there was a supertrash magazine and beauty-set: shampoo and GOLD gel from L'OREAL professional....very nice !!!BUT WAIT there's more....way below in the box there was this amazing tube-dress from SUPERTRASH (of course)....very KIM KARDASHIAN-ish, skintight and sexy.and last but certainly not least there was this super-trooper t-shirt from MY BRAND (the text says it all....FRONT ROW IS THE WAY TO GO).

this is the kind of gifts i like on a sunny winters day....thanks Monday !!!

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