dinsdag 28 juni 2011


UNBELIEVEBLE, I'm gone for one day and this BIG fashion news is out: VERSACE for H&M, the best thing about this collaboration is that it's in 2 episodes: a PARTY collection in November and a PRE-SPRING collection in January (part 2 only for countries with an online shop, like in the Netherlands....YEEHA), i really got to get me the items that the models are wearing in the first picture AND what Donatella has put on as-well (she's looks hot in black leather) even if have to fight for them ;) !!!VERSACE is back on track, first the announcement that the the designs will be different from now on and second the support of the biggest pop-star....LADY GAGA, who wears this brand in her last 2 video-clips (in JUDAS just a golden bracelet, in EDGE OF GLORY she has nothing else on but VERSACE), the PARTY collection will be launched on the 17Th of November (my birthday woohoo) in 300 stores world wide and then the PRE-SPRING collection on the 19Th of January 2012 in countries with online shop....really can't wait for this one; ITALIAN GLAM, ONES AGAIN !!!

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