vrijdag 3 juni 2011


here in the south of the Netherlands, we have the best things life has to offer, we even give these fine things their own fair like art at the world-known TEFAF, i wanna take you to the the TOP SHOPS HOLLAND FAIR, it's a book that appears ones a year to tell us were to sleep, eat, shop and travel, and WERE do we visit such fair? in a real castle of course, welcome at CHATEAU NEERCANNE!!!at arrival a lovely glass of bubbly....no bartender to uncork the bottle but a real sommelier with his sword....fancy !!!at such fair no K-mart bubbles...NOOO only the best remember....VEUVE CLIQUOT, and i just wanna get me this garden set with lovely cushion and call it a day (but to bad it was not for sale). bank-managers, investors, ceo's and the other rich and famous people where there to enjoy all of this luxury....I also enjoyed looking....at HER and then some jewelry, chocolates and shoes (by JAN JANSEN). the main reason i attended this fair was for my love of fashion....haute couture from RONALD KOLK.when i saw AND tasted it all, i went home....but not without a nice goodie-bag: the TOP SHOPS book (of course), tea and biscuits, discount voucher to spend at JAN JANSEN, lovely AQUA Di PARMA toiletries, a lot of SOTHYS beauty products and the most important 2 little bottles of HENNESEY.it was a beautiful day at Le CHATEAU, but in the end i was happy to see some "real" fashion people: low boots, shaved hair-cut, cotton bag and leather jacket....that's MY luxury !!!

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