zondag 29 mei 2011


THE FOLLOWING NEWS IS REALLY AMAZING: our beloved "basic" store UNIQLO has teamed-up with CONDE NASTE JAPAN for a number of tee's that will help the Japanese Red Cross....OK, good for them you think....but just wait and see WHO designed the tee's....your jaw will drop (don't be ashamed, mine dropped first).

VICTORIA BECKHAM:ALBER ELBAZ:BLAKE LIVELY:CHARLIZE THERON:CINDY LAUPER:GWYNETH PALTROW:KARL LAGERFELD:NICOLE KIDMAN:and last but not least ORLANDO BLOOM:the shirts i'm craving for are....the first three....VICTORIA BECKHAM, ALBER ELBAZ and LADY GAGA (of course), if you want them as well, the t-shirts will be on sale from the 25Th of June for a lousy $19,90 SO, if you have money to spend, spend it on these shirts and get ALL of them....DOUMOARIGATOU, in other words MANY THANKS !!!

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