zondag 15 mei 2011

the animalier collection

that is the name of the new DOLCE & GABBANA make-up line, i first found this through the amazingly twitterholic STEFANO GABBANA who posted some pictures....i was sold right away.i like this because it's a little bit more edgy....look at this picture, it's beautiful and raw, just on trend at this moment....look at the amazing LADY GAGA and her animalistic eyeliner she's doing right now.

you know me....i'm a sucker for leopard print (the new red ANIMALIER sunglasses is on it's way) SO, i have to get me this make-up collection ASAP....but there is one tiny problem: WE (as in the Netherlands) don't sell the DOLCE & GABBANA make-up line, if i have to go to the nearest store....it's LONDON !!! oh well i just gonna enjoy the idea for a while.

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