dinsdag 10 mei 2011

DUTCH delight at CHANEL

it looked like the whole dutch model database was pulled-out to walk on the "terrace" of HOTEL DU CAP in lovely Antibes (the Cote d' azure) to show the newest CHANEL cruise collection.

first up is my favorite dutchy: PATRICIA van der VLIETMIRTHE MAAS DAPHNE GROENEVELDnewcomer SVEA KLOOSTERHOF SASKIA de BRAUW an other newcomer IRIS EGBERSMELISA TAMERIJNand to top it all of....MARK van der LOO (that lovely man in the white tuxedo jacket that became the first MALE supermodel of the world)
thanks to dear mister Lagerfeld, we (as in the dutch) OWN the runway !!!

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