maandag 16 mei 2011


DING DONG....DHL, special delivery....YEEHA it is finally here, my first NET-A-PORTER order (FIRST? yes i know, i waited till a special occasion), and just in time for IBIZA.SO, let's un-pack this shopalicious black box:first treasure that i found: a AMAZING necklace from KENNETH JAY LANE, when i saw it at NET-A-PORTER i was starstruck by it's colour and shape....i just needed this neck piece to spice-up my glamour look for my IBIZA trip. AND LAST BUT absof**kinglutly NOT LEAST: my new CHLOE ankle-sandals, i fell in love with them when they first appeared in the magazines after the Chloe s/s 2011 runway i can work them on my OWN runway show (so called real life) sooo happy !!!OK, i'm finished un-packing, all look good on me (and walk-in closet)....time to hit the online shops again....NO, i'm not a shopaholic....well maybe just a little....OMG i need retail therapy.

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