donderdag 5 mei 2011


this is the second time that our beloved M.A.C has asked our deeply beloved LADY GAGA to join them at the VIVA GLAM squad, first time she was in a duo with Cindy Lauper but this time she's on her own....AND she also designed the colour of the lipstick (and lip-gloss)....NO no she did not just choose know i'm always up for a good cause, so i bought me the lipstick right away....nice to know that 100% of the retail-price is going to the VIVA GLAM foundation....and what i really liked is that the sales person at M.A.C thanked me approximately a hundred times....i said: your very welcome.but wait there is more: you can go to the VIVA GLAM website, leave a amazing picture of yourself and when they have collected enough pic's....they turn them into wearable art and who wears art better then LADY GAGA.

we can help by buying a single lipstick or gloss (or both or just buy one for your mother, friend, lover, grandma or brother)....isn't that just LADYM.A.CGAGALISIOUS.

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