zondag 3 juli 2011


even on my vacation i have to go shopping (it's the best part actually), the shops are different, the brands are different AND the prices are different SO, i came back home with an overloaded suitcase....let me show you some of the things i found on IBIZA: first-up are true clubbers accessories like lip-gloss (by AGATHA Ruiz De la PRADA), Mei Linda eyelashes, sparkly eyeshadow, a orange water-resistant watch and the new TOUS perfume (miss JLO is modelling for their jewelry line this season).time to hit the high-street in IBIZA town, found me a really lovely shop on AVDA Bartolome De Rosello called GALY....a fashionistas (who's on vacation) designer heaven, I'm talking about DSQUARED2, LANVIN, FENDI, ALEXANDER WANG, MUI MUI etc etc but my fashion hart melted when i saw the VIKTOR & ROLF stuff (much to expensive so, i bought me this lovely ALEXANDER WANG sweater and these colourful DSQUARED2 flip-flops).next stop: BLANCO....who's the most adorable little sister from ZARA, we don't have it in the Netherlands or Belgium or Germany SO, every-time I'm in Spain i have to visit BLANCO (was so exited to find one on Ibiza), i saw this blue strapless top in the Spanish glamour magazine AND i never can leave this store without some handfull of accessories (bracelets, headband with feathers, a ring and lovely feather earrings).there was a amazing clubbers shop right next to my hotel and they sold some really cool stuff like wigs, make-up, accessories (first picture) and clothing, saw these too darlings and couldn't resist (got some free stickers with them as-well)when i was in Santa Antoni i told you about the pop-up store from RIVER ISLAND and that i bought me a floral strapless jumpsuit and some amazing earrings, well....TAADAA:I EVEN LOVE TO SHOP WHEN OUT PARTYING SO, AT THE PRIVILEGE I BOUGHT ME THE TIESTO CLUBLIFE CD AND AT THE PASHA ALL KIND OF MERCHANDISE.of course i did some tax-free shopping at both airports, in Germany i got me some nice liquor AND my newest CHANEL it-colour nailpolish....DRAGON....really fabulous !!! in Spain i got me cute little ABSOLUTE vodka bottles and a giant bottle of eau de fleur (lavande) by CHLOE.AND THEN I WAS HOME AGAIN....PLANNING MY NEXT (shopping) TRIP !!!

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