donderdag 6 oktober 2011


So, let's go back to Paris fashion week, this time a piece about my favorite spanish designer....Amaya Arzuaga, i just adore her....she always designs from a female-point of view BUT with an edge, and that's just the thing i love about her. enough chit-chat, let's get on with the show....the runway was at the CITE DE LA MODE ET DESIGN (a green and odd looking building, but nice for a fashion show).
usualy i'm no fan of sorbet colours but these garments look hot (i mean really hot, have you looked at those necklines? muy caliente), i'm obsessed by one outfit, the mint coloured dress from the 3th picture (those black lines, the pleating of the skirt and the little sleeve, i would love to get me this one). during the next season of paris fashion week i will have some more to show you from this designer and maybe i can delight you with an interview that i hope to plan with AMAYA ARZUAGA, for now enjoy spring 2012 !!!

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