dinsdag 4 oktober 2011


It's 12 pm and i'm at THE GRAND INTERCONTINENTAL hotel on the rue Scribe for the Gaspard Yurkievich s/s 2012 fashion show (i know where i'm sleeping during the next fashion week, what a glamorous hotel). again, a very beautiful salon with an AMAZING chandelier hanging in the middle, i stood still for a moment before i went to went to my seat....D4 (not bad).BUT my seat was not good enough, i could only see the top part of the models, SO here are some pictures of the models (with a little bit of fashion).after the show i went outside for some daylight and when i walked outside i bumped into a lovely dutch girl with an amazing GIVENCHY bag.and then some girls who walked the show (finally i saw some model-legs).
unfortunately i can't tell or show you what the new collection will look like SO google away i say (i'm gonna do the same, so that i too can see what it will be) !!!

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