dinsdag 1 november 2011

DUTCH VOGUE and other fashion news !!!

My little country will never be the same again (the dutch fashion world that is), first let me tell you my news of the day, week, month, you know what....of the YEAR, OK hold on tight: the Netherlands will get her own VOGUE magazine, isn't that AMAZING!!! the dutch Anna Wintour will be Karin Swerink (from GLAMOUR magazine) and her Grace Coddington will be FIONA HERING (i hope), i could not wait any longer so i made my own DUTCH (Nippon)VOGUE BEAUTY cover starring the lovely Patricia van der Vliet.
then there was the news that there will be a WORLD FASHION WEEK being held in New York somewhere in 2012, ADDY VAN DEN KROMMENACKER will show his collection to represent the Netherlands....you go Addy, shine at that fashion week for us !!!
next week the HOLLANDS NEXT TOP MODEL final will be held and then we know which model will rock the fashion world and we are very good at that, remember PATRICIA VAN DER VLIET, the only next top model of the world to walk the biggest runway shows (season after season) and stars in several designer campaigns, then we have CECILE, SANNE who became the first World Next Top Model in new york, SYLVIA and KIM who had her first Italian VOGUE photo-shoot this week.

2 opmerkingen:

Avalon Laverne zei

Hopelijk gaat dit echt door. Kan niet wachten op een Nederlandse editie van Vogue! Avalon Laverne

nadine zei

nee ik ook niet, wordt echt fantastisch denk ik :)