zondag 6 november 2011


Philipp Plein has a new slogan that could be a slogan for my blog: STOP BEING PLAIN, BE PLEIN....don't you just love this, i know i do, I HATE BEING PLAIN that's why i named my blog Wear to Dare....just wear it, don't ask yourself the question: do i DARE to WEAR this? pffff please !!!

when i visited the Philipp Plein online shop i saw this cute white tee WITH that amazing slogan, i placed an order right away of course (and paired it with this fabulous red leather pants AND spiky heels), ROCK AND ROLL BABY !!!when you follow this link to the online shop, you also can wear this tee....YOU, WEAR TO DARE http://www.philipp-plein.com/shop/tshirt-plain-plein_item2766.html

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