vrijdag 27 januari 2012


the other fabulous collaboration at MAC (after GARETH PUGH) is no one else then DAPHNE GUINNES, the heiress to the Guinness beer brand, still one of the hottest socialite's of London AND last but not least a true fashion icon (she had the Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes first, even before Lady Gaga and when that happens you know you're someone), sooo BACK to MAC: an amazing limited collection in the real fashion colours. me myself fell in love with one of the nail-polishes called: OYSTER SHELL, a kind of nude tone but different....i topped my nails with just this colour but added on 2 of them a matt-top-coat and one other with some lovely sparkles....my new signature look ;)
The DAPHNE GUINNESS collection is still available at your local MAC counter or store (after this one it's IRIS APFEL and BETH DITTO'S time at MAC).

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