dinsdag 1 mei 2012


YOU ALL KNOW THAT I LOVEEEEE FAKE EYE-LASHES....well, there are some new ones hitting the stores.....miss KATY PERRY created 4 styles by EYLURE, i saw them and wanted 2 of them immediately: COOL KITTY when i'm in the mood for some fashion eyes and OH, MY if i have an 60's feeling. the other 2 are called: OH, HONEY and SWEETY PIE, they are more the "normal" ones.

The other ones i really was "EYEING" for are by LECO van ZADELHOFF (famous dutch make-up artist), he created 6 different lashes all named after celebrities of the old day's when glamour was born: AUDREY, MARILYN, SOPHIA, GRACE, JULIA and TWIGGY.
Did you know that the false-lashes are almost 100 years old, a movie director called D.W. Griffith first used them for his movie INTOLERANCE in 1916 because he wanted his leading-lady to have eye-lashes that would tickle her cheeks....and let's be honest, WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT NOWADAYS !!!

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