donderdag 3 mei 2012


The question that won't leave my mind: IS H&M HAVING AN ITALIAN YEAR ??? if you look at what H&M brought to our attention, you would say it is. First there was the wonderful new collaboration with VERSACE....and if i may say so, Donatella did a very good job at that.
Then came the surprising news that Donatella had designed an other collection for H&M, this time for spring....a VERSACE SPRING that is !!! 
Well after the Versace mania, we thought that we could chill for a minute....BUT NO !!! H&M spread word that they had collaborated with MARNI....pffff, how about that....this was designer heaven.
H&M was also in love with one particular model: ISABELLI FONTANA, from Christmas through early spring till the HOT HOT HOT (and a little bit to sun-kissed) summer ads, SHE DID THEM ALL.
BUT THE BIGGEST FASHION NEWS FOR ME IS THAT H&M asked no one other than ANNA DELLO RUSSO (MY number 1 fashion icon) to design a limited edition accessory collection.
And what i see in this last picture makes my knees weak, my mouth watery and my eyes glistening, I WANT IT ALL !!! the Anna Dello Russo accessory collection will be available from the 4Th of October at selected H&M stores world wide....GRAZI MILLE, J'ADR.

One question still lingers in my mind, if this is truly an Italian year at H&M, can we than dream of an PUCCI, DOLCE & GABBANA or even an BOTTEGA VENETA collab for the end of November ??? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. 

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