dinsdag 1 oktober 2013


The first day of my wallet lock-down project started really lovely, my friend J and i met this morning at our local coffee-house for a nice hot medium "mellow morning" TO-GO and walked through the lovely city center of Maastricht to work and talked about our project....DAY 1 HAS ARRIVED AND WE ARE GONNA DO THIS !!!

The day went by just fine untill i got home and saw my mail: a fresh new GLAMOUR magazine with amazing new stuff at every new page i turned, discount on several cosmetic products at my favorite beauty store, 10 € giftcard at (wo)menatwork AND a 10 € gift card for the ZALANDO online shop. I looked at those things very closely and saw that the giftcards are spendable till mid November and that there will be a newer Glamour magazine on my doorstep on the 6Th of that same month....I'M GONNA BE BE JUST FINE, for today that is ;)

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