zaterdag 8 maart 2014


H&M is well on it's way to become a big fashion house and not just known as the fast fashion retailer. Now they launched their Spring 2014 collection which was presented in New York last September during fashion week. It's an Bohemian collection with denim pieces and rock influences, maxi dresses, printed tees, suede pants with zipper details and pefect accessories to compliment the clothes.

I'm happy to have found these 3 beauties which i fell in love with right away and give my wardrobe an instant lift: THE PRINTED TEE, STUDDED LEATHER BELT and THE COOLEST LITTLE BAG I SAW IN AGES (could it be that this collection is more amazing looking than the Isabel Marant one?), Can't wait for the Spring to kick-in !!!

(picture by Nadine Schoffelen)

The Press collection is now available in selected stores worldwide and online.

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