woensdag 9 juni 2010


so the last day at this years FASHIONCLASH, i had my photographer with me.

the first 2 pics are from the up and coming designer LEONIE SMELT (who is recently linked to the dutch lady gaga: SUSANNA KAY) and the 3Th pic is from STIJN DE BOECK.
my photographer also snapped this AMAZING pic....here we see PETER STIGTER (famous runway photographer) shooting the fashionclash founders.

and with this last pic it all has come to an end, this year it was AMAZING (watch out AIFW, fashionclash is going to be BIG), and when i walked through the gate, a big SUV passed me by and the man inside waved me goodbye, so i waved back....see you again some day....PETER STIGTER.

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Wieteke Robeerst zei

nice pics, great photographer! :)