maandag 28 juni 2010


as you all know....i was in BARCELONA a few day's ago and it was AMAZING, the heat, the cocktails, the boy's AND THE SHOPS of course.
close your eyes for a second and think about your favorite shop, go in the dressing-room, try on that fabulous dress, open the door of your cabin....what do you see through the window....i was in this fantastic mall called MAREMAGNUM, and when i opened my cabin-door i saw the ocean (the whole wall was of made of glass), AMAZING (and i bought that dress of course).there was a H&M, MANGO, BERSHKA, STARBUCKS and a store called BLANCO, i had never heard about it, but it's like the spanish version of NEW LOOK and with the same prices, i bought a lovely leopard-print dress, a pineapple necklace, a small wallet and cost....€ 40,-SO after i saw all the shops and after i had my vanilla latte at Starbucks i went to my hotel (which was located on the Passeig De Gracia....the 5Th avenue of Barcelona....with all the designer boutiques you can dream off).
i slept very well that night, and i was dreaming of the NEXT shopping-spree....the next day ;)

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