donderdag 17 juni 2010


online designer heaven YOOX is celebrating it's 10Th anniversary,
so....of course there will be a present....and a lovely present it is; no one other than ANNA DELLO RUSSO created t-shirts with 10 of her best looks printed on them. i really J' ADR it !!!

Miss Dello Russo is the FASHION DIRECTOR AT LARGE and CREATIVE CONSULTANT for vogue Nippon....and if possible....the only REAL fashionista, she wears couture like no other and straight from the runway....and the funny thing is....she CAN get away with it !!! (i would love to bump into her at one of the fashion weeks though).

on her blog you can see all the things that make her tic....JEWELS, FASHION and her lovely dog CUCCIOLINA....visit to see it all, and go to to get those amazing t-shirts....and wear them like couture !!!

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