donderdag 22 juli 2010


the second show that i attended was from DDD (dutch design darling) DARYL van WOUW.
he begun his carrier at the AIFW as a 5 years later he is back on the place were it all started, usually he doesn't show his collection at the aifw, so when the press find-out that he will be showing this year....WE ALL WENT CRAZY ! but i got invited....i could not believe my eyes when i received my notification e-mail.

OK, lets talk about the collection....GLOBALISATION it was called.

the colors: from beige to red, green and blue till black, all neutral no prints....BUT the garments had an amazing plead-work, knowing DARYL van WOUW this was a more demur collection, almost if he had grown-up in 1 year time, the surprise act of the show were the accessories and hairstyles (this is gonna be a HIT next year....i already want it).

I personally can't wait to SEE BUY FLY this collection.

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