zaterdag 24 juli 2010

GOODIE BAGS s/s 2011

front row and goodie bags, everybody loves them, but not everyone "gets" are some facts and rules about the front row:

  • never wear your sunglasses at the's not polite towards the designer, it's a sign of no interest.
  • don't wear BIG hair accessories...if you're front row it doesn't mean there is no one sitting behind you.
  • be aware of your body care...because you are VERY close to the person next to you, make sure you smell nice and go easy with your perfume, ones the show has started there is no getting out.
  • do not plunder your goodie bag when you see are a fashionista not an cave woman.

so with these rules on my mind, i made my way towards the door, showed my seating card and a lovely guy directed me to my front row seat, said hello to the persons next to me and set down.

above is my first goodie bag from NON by KIM, inside there was a REDKEN fan, CITIZEN M soap, a cocktail shaker from ABSOLUT VODKA and front row magazine .

my second goodie bag is from DARYLVANWOUW, this one was not as packed as the first one but OK...again a REDKEN fan and a GRAZIA magazine...IT'S NOT THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS, BUT THE BAG IT'S SELF (thanks to the pr people).

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