maandag 19 juli 2010

NON by KIM S/S 2011

this designer was my first show of the day....a full men's show, and that was a first as-well....i never been to a men's show, and i must conclude....I LOVE IT (i love her even more because of the front-row seat).

so, nice guy's to look at, accessories that would look fabulous around my own neck AND very nice guy's to look at. OK let's talk about the collection, lovely use of color and accessories and adored the knitwear but i didn't like the VERY short shorts....i mean COME ON !!! 1 inch shorter and the can be called DAISY-DUKES....but over-all a super fine collection....bravo.
hey, look who we have runway photographer....PETER STIGTER.
i have introduced him to you about a month ago, when he waved me goodbye at fashionclash Maastricht....nice to see you again Peter.
that's it for now....BUT....stay tuned for more fashion week info.

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