zondag 21 november 2010

boycott LANVIN for H&M on eBay

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE....you can already buy your favorite LANVIN for H&M items on eBay....THIS IS NO FUN !!!

here are some of the items with the highest (really absurd) and lowest prices (totally absurd).


all dresses with an asking price of € 365,-


and these shirts all are at sale for an lousy € 0,72

Let me tell you one-thing....DON'T BUY THIS COLLECTION ON EBAY, you may never see your item of choice in your closet, although you paid for it, because many of the sellers just in it for the money and don't even have your item them-selfs....just go and stand in line at your favorite store, like the rest of us (and it's more fun this way)....see you on the 23Th

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