zondag 28 november 2010

Welcome to this N.A. meeting

HI, I AM NADINE, and....UHM....i am a NAIL-POLISH ADDICT !!!
i have over 30 bottles of nail-paint, it all started when i was a little girl....i wanted to beautify myself, so i asked my mom to put some of her nail-polish on my nails, i will never forget....a nice shade of pink....and i LOVED it.
now many years later, i can not get enough....every-time i buy a new outfit i have to get a new shade for my nails to accompany the clothes, and when CHANEL announces that a new IT color is coming....i get an itch in my wallet.
i want to stop, because i think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....but then a new shade of color comes along (like the JASON WU collection or the new baby-blue from CHANEL for this upcoming spring), i go and grab it....oh well, what the heck....THANKS FOR LISTENING.

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