donderdag 25 november 2010

H&M next top designer

OMG, is this really happening ??? i mean, the lovely LANVIN for H&M collection i scored (with their price-tags still on them), is not up-to-date anymore....the media is speculating about the next top designer at H&M, according to the french tribune, it's no one other than TOM FORD !!!
when i red this on i could not believe my eyes....especially the name TOM FORD, OK he can use the publicity for his own new label, but Tom Ford him-self isn't that keen on the speed of the fashion what i am saying down here....HE didn't even let people take pictures at his s/s 2011 presentation, because he doesn't want that the world will be tired by his work before it even hits the stores....SO, TOM FORD....not likely (a dream coming true, YES).
picture 1) Tom ford, picture 2) s/s 2011 collection.
JUST LET US ADOR LANVIN for H&M JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER (until the end of this upcoming party season that is) and then when the new year begins.... I AM READY FOR IT !!!

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